In today’s post I’m going to share with you, the same easy 3-steps that I use myself and with my clients to conquer fear and doubts.

Step 1: Admit and Identify

Next time you find yourself frustrated by the amount of doubt and fear holding you back from living a life without limits, try this exercise.

  • Find a quite place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Write down on paper as many doubts and fears as you can. An example might be your are afraid of failure, so you never started your own business.
  • Revisit where that doubt/fear was created in your mind, remembering usually between the ages of 0 and 6 years. Did you father try a new business and go bankrupt? Were you aware of the disappointment and stress of that failure?

Step 2: Forgive and Press Forward

Once you are able to admit to yourself that these doubts and fears are not yours by nature but where shared with you by others and you can identify why others believed those things, then you are able to create some space around yourself, the doubts and fears and your loved ones.

Once you get some space around the issue you can realize the fears and doubts are not a life sentence. With space it’s a lot easier to see why these doubts and fears were created and they start to lose their power.

When I first started working on illuminating my doubts/fears, I make a lot of mistakes or miss-starts.  But I was patient with myself as I worked diligently to uncover the deep layers of doubt and fear that had me feeling like I was stuck in quicksand. With each layer of doubt and fear released I was able to move forward towards living a life without limits.

I see the same thing happen with my clients as I work with them through my Uncover Your Hidden Genius program.

Step 3: Seek Support

As you start to work through steps 1 and 2 you’ll start to notice you are not alone.

I find it helpful to surround myself with others who are going through similar personal growth processes and have always sought the counsel of a variety of mentors who could motivate, inspire and hold me accountable.

What groups to you spend your time participating in? If you’re looking for a community to help you overcome your doubts and fears then check out my Facebook Fan Page!