When you have a loss in your life (especially when it comes to divorce), you experience grief which includes: denial, bargaining, anger, and depression.

You must give yourself time to work through – or experience – the emotions associated with your loss.

After all, you are grieving something – or someone – that was important to you.

Transition is the time when you are adjusting internally to the changes you are experiencing. You begin to prepare yourself for something new.

Farmers understand this time as the fallow time. The time when the fields are barren. During this time, the soil is renewing so that it will be prepared for the next crop.

Human beings need this fallow time – this idle time – to prepare for the new.

This is when you begin to spend more energy on the future than the past or even the present. Your focus shifts, your productivity increases and your morale increases.

It would be difficult to tell you how long this transition takes, but be assured it will all happen when it is time.

Here are 3 things to focus on over the next week to help you thrive during this time of change.

  1. Trust Yourself More. You are a competent individual who has successfully dealt with change in the past. You can do it again. Make a list of some of these life changes you have encountered in the past.
  2. Accept That Change Feels Awkward. You are going to feel uncomfortable. That’s okay. That’s how you will grow.
  3. Do Something That Makes You Feel In Control. This can be simple as cleaning out your closet or stepping up to learn a new computer skill.

So, between now and next time, can you do me a favor and try 1, 2 or all three of these and comment below what you noticed about yourself.