If you’re a lot like other professional men and women that I’ve met, you at one time or another have let thoughts of doubt and fear hold you back from doing something or saying something you wanted to.

I know I have more times than I care to count!

In every circumstance where I have let doubt and fear hold me back, I have put limits on myself about what was possible for me and others around me.

Once I started to get support around removing those doubts and fears I began to see that my life was limitless and the happiness and joy I had longed for became more and more of a reality.

I enjoy this process of transformation so much, I consider it a privilege to do it everyday with my mastermind and private clients.

The more I get out and speak, the more I see that many professional men and women seem to have it all together but there is always a part of their lives where they let doubt and fear put limits on their potential.

The entire conversation around ‘doubts’ and ‘fears’ is such a big deal that I felt compelled to write this blog series for you and put together a special event for those of you who like what you read here, and are ready to elevate your success.

This blog series and my upcoming workshop, is about simply enabling you to E.M.P.O.W.E.R yourself to face those fears and doubts and start living a life without limits.

  • Express the recognition of the presence of doubt and fear. Without verbally identifying what those doubts are, you cannot eliminate them. It is in declaring those fears that set up free.
  • Mapping your doubts/fears origin (layers). This seed of doubt/fear was planted between the years of 0 and 6 Years when we are so young and innocent through our loved ones.
  • Power Pivot – Takes back the power. With the power of identification of origin, there is an awareness of how limiting that doubt has been to our growth.
  • Outline the next steps in regards to what you want. Once the doubt is quieted by its origin identity, then the next steps are easier to identify and implement.
  • Welcome Success – Once we have a success, recognize and use it has fuel to continue on your journey.
  • Evolve At Your Own Pace – There is no race here. Because of your uniqueness, each of us will master our doubts and fears at our own rate. But, don’t worry, you will succeed!
  • Rejoice & Celebrate – Celebrate your wins!! No matter how big or small, rejoice at your win.

Congratulations – you now know a simple 7 step process for quieting the doubt and fear that keep you from living a life without limits.  So the next thing you need to do is take action. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you can start living a life without limits.

I’d LOVE for that next action you take be to share a time when you have let doubt and fear hold you back, and work back through the 7 steps above and comment below about how you would do things differently now.  To incentive you, I will pick on of the blog commenters and gift them with a COMPLIMENTARY “Life Without Limits Event” VIP ticket!

You can check out more details about my upcoming Life Without Limits Event here!