Does everyone need to know their core values?

While I am certainly a fan of having everyone know their core values, most importantly I feel there are 7 types of individuals who need to know their core values.

  1. Managers Who Are Interested In Becoming Better Leaders– In order to effectively lead a manager needs to understand her own core values as well as those who work on her team. It is especially important to know when hiring new team members what their core values are as well.
  2. Couples Who Are Looking to Communicate Better With One Another – Oftentimes, couples think that they have to have the same interests but diversity in interests can also add excitement and opportunities for growth. Understanding each others core values can help deepen the relationship and provide a framework for navigating difficult conversations.
  3. Women Who Manage Volunteer Teams – Pulling together a successful team of volunteers means collecting an assortment of highly-talented individuals, each with their own unique personalities.  As a leader of this diverse group, understanding each individual contributors core values allows for the creation of harmony and accelerated success.
  4. Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Looking for More Fulfillment – Some women create businesses based on a passion but as the business grows they are often faced with the overwhelming challenge of deciding how they want it to grow. There are truly as many options as there are women. Understanding your core values allows you to build the business based on what will make you happy.
  5. Non-Profit Employees –Having committed to something out of the goodness of your heart because you believe in the cause while working for a non-profit as you most have realized doesn’t pay what the same position at a for profit company would. Understanding your core values allows to find other ways to reap the benefits of your work in supporting the overall mission of the non-profit.
  6. Young Adults – With so many opportunities available to today’s youth both online and offline, starting the journey of figuring out “what you want to be when you grow up” is expedited by knowing ones core values. This can help high schoolers decide which college to attend. As well as helping college students decide what major to pick. Most importantly they get to live their life based on their own desires instead of choosing what someone else told them to.
  7. Anyone Going Through A Major Life Transition –When life throws you a curve ball like a death of a loved one, loss of a job or divorce, one is called to reinventing themselves and their view of the world. Understanding your core values helps you to find your happiness faster.

Are you one of these types of people? Do you know someone who is?  Do you know your core values? If not, I invite you to head over to and check out my complimentary training program.