One Woman’s Healing Journey Closes A Vast Gap in Medicine

There are times when no matter how ill we are, repeated visits to the doctor reveal that “nothing is wrong.” This was the case for Jennifer Crisp, an RN who had previously been a firm believer in the modality that was ultimately letting her down. In this episode, Jennifer shares the strange set of circumstances that led her to seek the help of a naturopath in treating what he finally determined to be Chronic Lyme Disease, a debilitating condition that at the time was still not recognized as a legitimate illness. Jennifer’s healing journey opened her eyes to the benefits of alternative medical practices and she now advocates education for healthcare practitioners about a more integrated holistic approach to health and wellness.

Jennifer Crisp is a Registered Nurse and a certified Whole Health Educator™. She is also a speaker and the founder of A Bridge To Wholeness. Her passion for health and wellness came about after years of suffering until a naturopath diagnosed her with Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD). Jennifer realized that she was crossing the bridge from traditional medicine into the world of a more integrative, holistic program, and after two years of working with the naturopath and seeing her conventional medicine doctor when necessary, her CLD resolved. She encourages healthcare providers to bridge the gap between the traditional western practice of medicine and the world of holistic alternative medicine at the intersection of health and wellness.

"Opening someone’s mind to accept a different way of thinking is such a powerful tool to be able to move us into taking responsibility for our lives and our health." -Jennifer Crisp Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The debilitating symptoms Jennifer experienced over several years until finally receiving a diagnosis
  • Why Lyme Disease forced her to give up nursing
  • How Jennifer ended up becoming a certified Whole Health Educator™ and what this means
  • The first and most important tool in self-care
  • Four powerful aspects of life that are significant in determining our health and wellbeing
  • What happens to your brain when eating processed food and why it makes you hungrier
  • Why the word “connection” plays such an important part in our overall health and happiness
  • A look at why it is essential that healthcare practitioners of all kinds should be educated to know more about the many other modalities that exist

Jennifer Crisp’s Information:

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