Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

It can be difficult for working mothers to manage their duties at home and at work. This week on SecondWind, we have Stacey Hiles on to share her story about raising her children, running a business, and then getting introduced to a company that allows for a better work-life balance. She speaks on the importance of giving back to your community, and how being a Rodan & Fields consultant helps her to help others. 

Stacey Hiles is a mom to four, and a business owner. She grew up in Tyler, Tx and attended college at Abilene Christian University. 13 years ago, she found herself going through a divorce, raising children alone and with a business that her ex had run primarily. Her journey was far from easy and she made a huge change in careers after 5 years running that business. Stacey found a company that let her work around her life and help people. It was a leap of faith and took consistency to build what she has today. That was the hard part. Sharing products she loves and helping others do the same is a pleasure. Her passion through life has been volunteering in her community and she has had the privilege of leading some large events. Stacey gives credit to her volunteer experience in preparing her to survive her life transition. Today, she’s married to an amazing man. She never thought she’d trust anyone again, but it’s possible. Their three older kids are successfully adulting and they have one still at home that’s doing great. Stacey has been working at her new business for 9 years and it continues to be a blessing. The ups, downs, twists and turns of life haven’t always been easy. Through adversity, we have to keep going, push through, be brave and find joy!

“Another thing I love about not only our skincare, but the company is the diversity, and the inclusion, and the love that everyone feels for each other. We’re just a big family.” Stacey Hiles Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What gave Stacey the confidence to know that she can run a dry cleaning business
  • What it was like balancing motherhood and a business after her divorce. 
  • How she met her husband, and what helped her determine that he is trustworthy
  • The insecurities that come with starting a business, and how Stacey was able to get past them
  • The types of skin care regimens Rodan & Fields offers for different skin types
  • Important information to know about skin cancer
  • What makes Rodan & Fields and excellent business for anyone to be a part of

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