We often live tangled up with our past experiences, our limiting beliefs, and our states of stress. In order to bring freedom and healing, we need to untangle the knots that limit us. This episode features a new modality and inspirational story to do just that.

For the last twenty years, Angela McKinney has been helping people transform their lives – including her own. As a somatic guide and expert in addiction recovery, Angela created a unique approach to healing from life challenges called The Untangle Method. She is the author of a new book, Untangle: How to Create BIG Possibilities through SMALL changes, was released in October and can be ordered now on Amazon.

Angela was born in Tennessee. At age thirteen, Angela was disowned by her father and sent to live in Los Angeles, where she and her mother survived feeling lost without a home. At fifteen, after winning Star Search, it all became too much for her, engulfing her in a life of chaos and addiction. Her early adulthood recovery efforts have paved the path to help implement hundreds of complex recovery cases across the country. Angela uses humor as a tool to capture the insanity of survival states and highlights “the terror of success” not often spoken of.

Angela says, “I use evidence-based strategies to empower disenfranchised addicts, CEO’s, professional athletes, and stay-at-home parents to emerge from hiding and embark on successful living. Untangling builds creative resilience to realize your best life, even if there is a part of you that says you can’t.”

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Angela’s background and the reason she decided to write her book about untangling the knots in your life to bring freedom
  • Why survival states are difficult to untangle and the three step process of untangling
  • The defining moment that changed Angela’s life
  • The steps people should take when they want to dig into what’s underneath the survival state
  • Tools to transform trauma or “stuckness” and redefine it
  • How the healing journey is ongoing

Bonus for listeners: Learn How to Untangle the Noise and Find Your Pathway to Freedom: A free audio from Angela to learn the 3 steps that will change your life fast. Download here.

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