Moving From Pain Points to Peace

We all grieve in different ways, but for many of us it can become a self-consuming struggle that we feel we can’t escape. Our guest Debra Hester is on this week to help us learn how to build resilience while experiencing grief. We discuss what has put her on this path to help people at their lowest point, and the approach she takes to get them to a more peaceful state of mind.

Debra Hester is a creative social entrepreneur who advocates building resilience and breaking the silent struggle with grief and loss. She is the award-winning author of My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief.

As founder and CEO of MB Enterprises, Debra leads a talent development organization with a motto of “Inspire, Inform, Transform, that’s what we do! She offers a MOVE Mapping™  workshop experience to address the limited amount of ongoing support, resources, and structures for people struggling with traumatic change.

This transformative MOVE Mapping™  approach applies growth mindset techniques to move participants from pain points to peace. Her My Backyard Garden book series also includes a 2021 release, Look Up Mississippi, A Photo Memoir. Debra creates and produces videos, podcasts and uses social media channels as the foundation for bringing awareness to looking and moving beyond traumatic change and events to #empathyforgrief and loss for self and others.

With over 25 years’ experience as a creative, innovative, learning, leadership development and SHRM senior certified HR leader in large, global organizations, she brings a broad base of practical, people, organizational development skills, and experience. Debra has a passion for the art and science of personal transformation. She is known for participating in, developing, and leading professional and leadership development experiences which drive increased team engagement and performance.

Debra is a skilled writer, facilitator, and visualist who uses communication, marketing, and digital strategies to drive awareness to adoption for her clients’ organizational change initiatives. Debra spent K-12 in Arkansas and graduated from Oklahoma State University in Broadcast Journalism and received her MA in HR Management from Ottawa University. She is currently pursuing an MBA from Mississippi State. She has a weakness for coffee and dark chocolate and finds peace in modern country living in Northern Mississippi.

There are a lot of things that are strong. We have trees and buildings but there are certain forces that they can’t withstand. I don’t care how strong they are. So it doesn’t mean that you’re weak or strong … because you know yourself it allows you to be resilient.” Debra Hester

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The special connection Debra had with her mother and how that played a role in finding her passion 
  • How Covid-19 has broadened her audience 
  • How we should view and deal with anger while grieving
  • Why Debra chooses to focus on emotions rather than stages of grief
  • The problem with using the word “strong” to describe people going through a difficult time.
  • What MOVE Mapping stands for, and how you can implement this into your own life
  • Debra’s goal of identifying your specific pain points and helping you move to peace and productivity

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