Learning to love and be loved

On this episode of SecondWind with Joyce, Jennifer Butler, MSW, a certified Calling in “The One” coach, certified health coach, writer, and podcast host shares why it is of utmost importance to create your own internal well of joy and love after a divorce. 

"Grieving a divorce or breakup is essential. When we don't grieve, we don't allow ourselves to go though that process. Untended to grief, become a block for future love." ~ @jennjoycoaching Click To Tweet

Jennifer Butler, is a Love and Relationship Coach who is dedicated to helping people fall deeply in love with themselves and awaken to their own internal power to create joy, love, and freedom in their lives. Jennifer teaches clients to identify and transform internal obstacles and expand their capacity to love and be loved so they can create the happy and healthy relationships they deeply desire.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to avoid closing our hearts in the face of pain
  • The blocks to calling in and experiencing love
  • The importance of taking personal responsibility
  • Creating your own internal well of joy and love
  • The importance of creating a vision or intention
  • What is truly possible, no matter what your past story has been

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