Join Joyce Buford and her guest, Barbara “Babs” Kangas, MS, MA, Ph.D., as they talk about how to rebuild and restructure life after a destructive relationship.

Barbara, founder of is an author, speaker and coach who has used her academic education, personal experience, and professional training to create a highly effective reinvention process helping people determine what they want to change in their lives and develop and implement action strategies. She is passionate about helping women in transition who have survived one or more destructive relationships.

She wants to help these brave survivors, understand the possible damage to their sense of self they may have experienced, the slow steady chipping away at their self-esteem, and, enable them to see that they, in fact, often may feel as if they have actually lost themselves.

After Babs experienced a series of challenging relationships in her own life, she decided to figure out how and why this significant damage happens and what to do about it. At mid-life she went back to school earning a Masters in Social Work and then a Ph.D. in Psychology. She began coaching clients and interviewing women in mid-life transitions who were suffering in unhealthy relationships.

Now she has created a program designed to help women develop their self-awareness, authentic bold confidence and figure out how to rebuild and restructure their lives to make sure that they will never lose themselves again in any relationship.