Change is a phenomena that occurs in nature and in life.

Without change we simply would cease to exist.

We have all survived changes, changes that we thought were bigger than we were able to overcome.

But I believe that you can do more than survive.

You can thrive with this change.

From the changes we have experienced in the past, we can not predict what life will look like over the next few years.

The world we know now will change. We will change.

So, how can we embrace – and thrive – during times such as these?

It is important to understand that change is an external event that requires you to make some kind of internal adjustment.

Even with just a little change, we have started the process.

We respond to change by moving through 3 phrases:

  1. Letting Go – Experiencing the ending of something that we knew
  2. Neutral Zone – The time between when you let go of something and become comfortable with the new. This is also named the transitional time
  3. Beginning Anew – The time when you know you have moved on. You have left the pain and grief behind and are making the necessary adjustments to move forward in a healthy way.

You must let go of the old – the dreams of yesterday with this special someone – and make a decision to learn new skills, behaviors, and even attitudes –and then move forward.

Even though you may not even know it, you are really quite good at making small changes every day.

The bigger changes like life challenging changes, may bring high times of grieve and pain. But, the pain is your road to healing.

I’d love to know how this article speaks to you, so please leave a comment below and let me know what support you’re needing on this journey of change so you can thrive beyond divorce!