Today’s episode dives deep into a topic that has become a national epidemic and affects countless families – dementia. Did you know that dementia is not a disease itself, but a group of symptoms affecting memory and behavior? Alzheimer’s is the most common type, affecting over 70% of people with dementia.

Christiana Egi is an exceptional Dementia Advocate who brings a wealth of experience as a Registered Nurse, Diabetes Educator, Registered Natural Health Nutritionist, and Geriatric and Mental Health Specialist. In her endeavor to provide compassionate care for individuals living with dementia and their families, she has established Alexis Lodge Retirement Residences, memory care retirement facilities committed to person-centered and relational care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Dementia’s definition as a group of symptoms affecting memory and behavior
  • Different types of dementia, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease
  • Christiana’s early experiences with mental health in Nigeria and her realization of the global stigma surrounding mental health
  • The absence of family involvement in dementia care facilities
  • Difficulties caring for loved ones with behavioral issues
  • The emotional toll on caregivers and the need for support

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