Honoring How You Feel

The moment Lisa realized her life had been run by subconscious programming as opposed to truly authentic and conscious thoughts, she knew she had taught her children to think, feel and operate as codependents as well. 

In this episode, Lisa share why codependents attract more narcissistic others, why it is rooted in lack of self which causes us to struggle with boundaries and share tips on how we can evolve past our traumas so we can can live in peace, achieve success, and create harmony in our lives regardless of painful past events. 

“Anytime I think that who I am, or what my sense of value is, is tied to something external, I could be considered codependent upon that thing for a sense of self.” ~ @lisaaromano1 Share on X

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, and YouTube Vlogger specializing in codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery. She is also one of the most listened to meditation teachers on the world’s largest meditation app Insight Timer. Lisa creates real-life tools to help people evolve past their traumas so they can live in peace, achieve success, and create harmony in their lives regardless of painful past events. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has helped thousands of people learn to regulate their emotions, heal from painful pasts, including negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs. Adult children of alcoholics and those raised by narcissistic parents are learning to find their way back to the love they were denied as children through Lisa’s transformational work. 

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How codependency shows up in our lives.
  • Why children of alcoholics are more susceptible to codependency.
  • Why codependents fear abandonment and stay in relationships longer than they should.
  • Codependency is rooted in a lack of self and so we struggle to create boundaries.
  • Why codependents attract more narcissistic others.
  • How you can “undo” codependency and find your way back to a life of love, peace and success.

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