Dana Killion had always struggled with sleepless nights and a deep sense of emptiness. One particular night, while living in a high-rise in Chicago, she found herself gazing down at Lake Michigan, envisioning what it would be like to walk into the water and disappear. It wasn’t that she was suicidal, but rather, she felt lost and unsure of how to cope with her emotional emptiness. This moment became the catalyst for her transformative journey, though it wasn’t the start of her story. Dana experienced a series of events that led her to this pivotal moment, and it was through writing her book that she chose to share her dramatic journey of self-discovery and healing.

An accomplished author of a mystery series, Dana Killion shares in this episode her debut memoir, Where the Shadows Dance: He Got Sober. I Got Broken. It’s a story born of a life in the turmoil of her husband’s alcoholism, a situation where the only way through was to write it. Women ready to find the strength and solace Dana has found through her own re-invention.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Dana’s journey of finding courage and hope
  • The silence women often face in protecting themselves and addiction
  • Helping others through vulnerability and courage
  • A transformative and dramatic moment in Dana’s life
  • The impact of addiction on relationships
  • Discussing narcissism and addiction with a therapist
  • Differentiating clinical narcissism from narcissistic behaviors related to addiction
  • The constant suspicion, mistrust, and pressure in relationships with addicts
  • Dana Killion’s journey and book
  • Themes of personal trauma in Dana’s writing and resonance with other women
  • Overcoming silence and finding one’s truth
  • The importance of sharing one’s truth and ending silence

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