Warning Signs that You’re Dealing with a Narcissist

Podcast host, Joyce Buford, discusses some of the questions and key points that were raised in her recent four-part series on relationships with narcissists. From causes of this behavior to warning signs to how to recognize, avoid or heal from a relationship with a narcissist, this episode covers substantial information that can change your life.

Joyce Buford, a life coach, author, speaker, and podcast host, is a woman who has experienced transition in her own life and shares her secret to facing the Fear of Change with Total Confidence. Through her unique program and coaching style, Joyce supports clients during their transitions to reclaim their true purpose and strengths. Her program focuses on helping clients who have experienced their own transitions of divorce and loss to thrive without limits.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What can make someone become a narcissist
  • The definition of a narcissist
  • Where the term “narcissist” comes from
  • The traits of a narcissist
  • Why a narcissist makes you feel like you’re absolutely wonderful
  • Why a lot of narcissistic behavior takes place behind closed doors
  • What kinds of people and traits the narcissist attracts
  • A narcissist’s main weakness
  • Kinds of changes in yourself you might experience when in a relationship with a narcissist
  • Why you will feel sorry for a narcissist and start to justify and excuse his/her behavior
  • How relationships with narcissists can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • How narcissistic relationships look in public and in private (e.g. boss vs. spouse or family)
  • Why people go from one narcissistic relationship to another
  • How a narcissist behaves in a relationship
  • Why establishing solid boundaries can get/keep you out of a relationship with a narcissist
  • The importance of learning how to spot red flags, and acting on them
  • Warning signs to watch for on a first date
  • What the narcissist is looking for on a first date
  • How the relationship you have with yourself can either contribute to or keep you from a relationship with a narcissist
  • How a good coach or counselor can help you to heal from or avoid relationships with narcissists
  • A look at Joyce’s upcoming five-part series to help you discover your greatness and talents
  • Joyce extends an invitation to email with questions or comments

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