The First Step is Recognizing the Problem…

In this first episode of a four-part series, Sandra Beck discusses some of the telltale signs that you are dealing with a narcissist. Whether as a boss, spouse, friend, teacher or anyone else, these relationships are sneaky and insidious until you learn to spot the destructive traits.

Empowerment is a theme that runs through all of Sandra Beck’s work. Whether she is coaching a company owner to a million-dollar commission goal, training a stay-at-home mom to perform SEO on websites or speaking to a corporate group about personal and professional growth, her message is about what is possible and how to create the circumstances of your choosing. Sandra teaches all of her clients how to maximize their lives by using the power of the internet coupled with solid business practices along with the drive of their passions to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

"You start to recognize when they’re going to use something against you, so you write it down and know what the actual mistake was." @sandrabeck Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What is a narcissist?
  • The kinds of relationships in which you might find yourself dealing with a narcissist
  • What traits can make you an easy target for a narcissist
  • Why narcissists don’t apologize
  • Patterns of behavior that demonstrate narcissism
  • Why narcissists don’t understand empathy or feelings for others
  • How a narcissist’s behavior can drive you to self-doubt and insecurity
  • A brief look at some of the possible roots of narcissistic behavior
  • Why narcissists can be strong leaders
  • How narcissists find your weak spot and use it to hurt you
  • Why narcissists isolate you from your support system
  • Why you’ll always be wrong and they’ll always be right
  • How control factors into a narcissist’s behavior
  • Why narcissists will turn on those closest to them if it serves them
  • What makes narcissists push people’s buttons and why they enjoy watching the subsequent fireworks
  • Why narcissists resent you for loving them
  • How you can “lose your voice” when in relationships with narcissists
  • How children can be impacted when watching parents in a narcissist-dominated relationship

Sandra Beck’s Information:

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