A Little Information Goes A Long Way…

Rhonda Noordyk shares information to help women navigate the financial aspects and challenges of going through divorce. Whether they are at the contemplation stage or all the way through to the other side of this life-changing event, Rhonda offers tips and tools to empower women and assist them in building confidence and a solid financial future.

Rhonda is the Founder & CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center. She is also a professional speaker. With her platform being women’s money wellness, she offers a range of information such as assertive communication, boundaries, leadership and overcoming financial myths. After more than ten years in the financial industry, Rhonda provides a safe place for women – especially those in vulnerable positions – to find their paths, their voices and the financial confidence they need to lift themselves out of seemingly hopeless situations.

"Women have the potential and opportunity to come out of [divorce] better than ever." -@RNoordyk Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Rhonda’s inspiring story of clarity and vision that led her to do this transformative work
  • How Rhonda’s financial knowledge can help women at all stages of divorce, from contemplating the decision to the divorce being final
  • Why it’s important to be prepared in case the process isn’t as amicable as was expected
  • Some of the steps women can take to build confidence and feel empowered regarding financial information and decision-making
  • How your parents and grandparents can impact your financial life, and therefore your children’s financial futures
  • Information about Rhonda’s five-times-yearly intensive weekend retreats to offer tools that significantly build confidence, and why it is helpful to be among women who are at various stages of the divorce process
  • Why confidence can ebb and flow during the divorce process
  • Some of the types of divorce process and why it’s important to have professional representation
  • How to choose the best attorney (and it’s not at all what you might think)
  • Some of the biggest challenges women must overcome in making the decision to divorce
  • How a car dealership in Wisconsin is helping women find empowerment and confidence with car-buying decisions
  • Some of the free resources available on Rhonda’s website such as weekly affirmations; “Three Pitfalls to Avoid During Divorce” ebook; 30-minute strategy session that leaves you with at least one immediately applicable tip
  • Where you can get information about Rhonda’s events and courses
  • How to contact Rhonda or book your free 30-minute strategy session

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