Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Transformation in our lives can come from anywhere, at any moment. My guest, Anne Gordon shares how following her heart led to her leaving a lucrative career in the film industry to marry a man from an indigenous tribe who still lived in traditional villages deep in the rain forest of Panama. Tune in to learn how you can have life-changing breakthroughs that reconnect you with nature and yourself, refresh and inspire you to live a more authentic life. You can learn how to live, play, and be in the present moment with the dolphins. 

Anne Gordon has been running her successful Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats internationally since 2007. She shares the wisdom of the dolphins and whales through transformational retreats to spend time with and deepen your spiritual connection with the natural world. She is a Retreat Success Coach who loves to share her comprehensive knowledge and experience of leading lucrative retreats in the last 13 years with coaches, healers and transformational leaders. She is dedicated to empowering you to easily create, fill and lead the transformational retreats that you have been dreaming of.

 What you will learn from this episode:  

  • The transformational power of leading or going on retreats
  • How to facilitate powerful breakthroughs
  • How to live in joy and play and be one with nature
  • How connecting with nature, whales and dolphins can open up to the flow of abundance and forgiveness 
  • The value of being in the present moment 

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