I’ve been talking with a lot of women entrepreneurs lately and it amazes me what a roller coaster of emotions having a business can be.  It seems like one moment you can be completely in love with your business and the next you’re wishing someone would come and rescue you. While this love/hate relationship is bound to exist at some point in time, if you find it a daily or weekly occurrence, it might be time to rethink the relationship you have with your business.

When working with these women entrepreneurs, on a quarterly basis we walk through the 6 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Genius and I wanted to share those with you today in hopes that it might inspire you to really get clear about what YOUR GENIUS is and how to integrate it into your business more and more everyday. As I find with my private clients, the more you live your genius the happier you are and the happier everyone around you will be.  We’ll be using the acronym GENIUS to help you remember the 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Get Clear On Where You Are NOW

There are 3 key areas I would suggest you get clarity. I’ve supplied you with questions for each area which might be good for you to spend some quiet time journaling the answers to. If you’d like some help going through these questions, then give me a call and we’ll set up a time to talk about a support option that’s a perfect fit for you.

  • Mental self – Are you living from your Core Values?
  • Physical self – Body scan – What is your body story?
  • Financial self – Get real about your money story. Are you healthy financially?

 Step 2: Engage Your Purpose

Do you know why you are here on earth living in this physical body? I know it’s a big questions but reconnecting to your sense of purpose always gives you clarity on the next steps.  If you find yourself unable to connect to your purpose try out these mini-steps?

  • Revisit your childhood – What was your play?
  • Identify your passions, combined with your talents will give you your purpose.
  • Knowing your purpose contributes to the joy in your life.

 Step 3: Negotiate Your “Stoppers”

If you’re not getting the results you want in life there is some excuse standing in your way. I call these ‘stoppers’. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself so that you can get clear what your stoppers are so that you can negotiate your way around them so they then become powerless to stop you.

  • Get acquainted – Discover how to recognize them and when they show up for you
  • Since the root of these beliefs began with parents, teachers, peers, on the play ground or even life lessons you learned the hard way.
  • Face the fear, and do it anyway. The GOLDEN BULLET.

 Step 4: Instigate a Plan to Live Your Dreams

In this step we take a look at the big picture of what experience we really want to have and work through the following:

  • Get clear about your dream or vision. Then envision it, feel it, enjoy it.  Put words to paper as you describe it in as much detail as possible
  • Strategize – What will it take? Who will I need? How do I get there?
  • Move forward – Listing the 5 things you can do today.

Step 5: Use your “Uniqueness”

Now that you know what your dream fulfilled looks like and the other elements of steps 1-4 we can take a look at what makes YOU uniquely you.  Here’s how you can recognize what makes you unique if your are having some trouble identifying you. Think of the things that come easy to you. Example: organize a party.

  • Stand out – highlight your uniqueness. When you are living in your uniqueness, you are in bliss – YOU SHINE!!
  • Step into your authority – Be grateful for that uniqueness. It is one of the gifts given only to you. (As a child, you may have been ridiculed for being different – lesson learned.) I encourage you to enjoy what comes easy to you.

Step 6: Stay on Track

This is usually the hardest step because our subconscious brains are trained to keep us safe and without the support of a coach and honestly an entire community of people who believe in you, it’s tough to go it alone.  But even with the support of a coach and a community you need to learn to be accountable to yourself.  I suggest developing a daily routine to get your ready for each day. Personally, I’ve adopted Jack Canfield’s Hour of Power, which includes 20 minutes of meditation/prayer, 20 minutes of exercise, and 20 minutes of learning – read/listen to educational material.

What would it take for you to gift yourself the clarity that taking some time to walk through these steps would bring?  Please share your thoughts on these in the comments below, I’d love to hear your questions and comments!