My guest this week was Mistie Sandler, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. Our main topic was women and money: How involved are we in managing our money to take us through retirement.

Mistie openly shares about her transition and why she believes this is such an important topic to get some clarity around before you are faced to be the “head” money manager.

Here are 5 Money Questions to consider.

1.    Where are you financially today?
2.    Where would you like to be in the next year?
3.    Can I get there?
4.    How do I get there?
5.    How can I stay on track?

80% of all women will be faced with money management in their senior years.  Many women will face this responsibility earlier as we see divorce on the rise.  And, many times we come to the money management situation without a clue.

You will find it valuable to listen to the questions and discussion as Mistie and Joyce share stories and experiences of the Money Game.