Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the population worldwide, and close to 26% of people with eating disorders attempt suicide. Eating disorders are among the deadliest mental illnesses, second only to opioid addiction. This episode creates a conversation about the importance of awareness and finding healing through yoga as a therapeutic tool.

Jennifer Kreatsoulas is a certified yoga therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image. She is the founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders, the former creator and host of Real Body Talk, author of The Courageous Path to Healing and Body Mindful Yoga, educator, and mental health advocate.

Through her virtual school, Yoga for Eating Disorders, she offers individual yoga therapy, groups, classes, and continuing education and mentoring for professionals. Jennifer is dedicated to educating about eating disorders and guiding those affected to identify the strength in their story.

Her writing about her personal journey of eating disorder recovery and professional experience as a passionate yoga therapist has been featured in several publications and podcasts.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Jennifer’s history of anorexia and what led to her recovery
  • The prevalence of eating disorders and the life-threatening danger for those affected
  • How yoga played a role in Jennifer’s healing her relationship with her body
  • How yoga creates a community of support for positive body image
  • The difference between a yoga therapist and a yoga teacher
  • How eating disorders manifest differently for different people
  • Jennifer’s virtual school, Yoga for Eating Disorders
  • Her new book, The Courageous Path to Healing

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