How Car Racing And Fundraising Are Saving Lives

The prevalence of human trafficking can be underestimated when you aren’t faced with it personally, or if you are unaware of the signs and methods of trafficking. On today’s show, Renee Brinkerhoff sheds light on how significant this illegal business is globally, and how she is putting an end to it through her nonprofit organization, Valkyrie Racing/Valkyrie Gives. We learn how we can get involved in this fight by donating, and how this money will be used to change the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Woman racer and philanthropist, 64-year-old Renee Brinkerhoff, has traveled the world for one cause – to rescue children around the globe from human trafficking. Through her car racing and fundraising arms, Valkyrie Racing/Valkyrie Gives, she is challenging the global community to take part in her $1mm-dollar mission – a philanthropic effort that coincides with her own endurance conquest to complete six rallies on seven continents for a total of 20,000 miles in a vintage Porsche 356 racecar – bringing her message on a global journey. Her final frontier will be this winter in Antarctica, where Renee takes on a final 356 miles on ice and attempts a land-speed record on the blue ice at Union Glacier.

Human trafficking is the second largest illegal business in the world next to drug trafficking, and one major difference between them is drugs are consumable. They are used once and that’s it, whereas people can be sold over and over again…”

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The different tactics human traffickers use to lure in victims, and how that can vary depending on the country
  • What traffickers look for in their victims, making women and children more vulnerable   
  • The ways we can help put an end to human trafficking across the globe
  • How Renee Brinkerhoff uses extreme racing to raise awareness about human trafficking
  • Brinkerhoff’s hands on involvement through her work with grassroots, and NGOs to eliminate human trafficking 
  • Why some parents would sell their children to traffickers, and how misogyny in some cultures plays a role in this multi-billion dollar business
  • The significance behind the name “Valkyrie”, and how that applies to Renee Brinkerhoff’s mission

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