So many people grow up with limiting beliefs and feeling like they aren’t enough. Today’s episode will inspire you that it is never too late to find healing.

Judy Jewett is a healer, intuitive reader, medium and a Holistic breakthrough coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who are not having the results that they want in their lives to build confidence, reclaim their inner truth and make more money doing what they love.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Judy worked through a learning disability and limiting beliefs growing up
  • We can change the course of our learning at any time
  • The spiritual journey to healing we are all on, and the energy blocks that must be removed
  • The exercises Judy works on with clients to help them overcome obstacles
  • Judy’s self-discovery journey and transition to becoming a healer
  • How to live as your authentic self and live by your truth
  • Learning to listen to your intuition

Bonus for Listeners:

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