Escaping an oppressive relationship requires immense strength. On this episode, Kanchan Bhaskar shares a courageous story of her escape from a toxic marriage. Be inspired by her determination to regain confidence, independence, and the freedom to live life on her own terms.

Kanchan Bhaskar (Kan-chan Bhas-car), an Indian-American, is a first-time author of Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage. She holds a Master’s Degree in social work and a certificate in life coaching. She is also a certified Business Coach. Being a successful Human Resource professional, her expertise is in training and mentoring. She is a certified advocate, speaker, and coach for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Kanchan lives in Chicago.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The tradition of arranged marriages in India
  • How Kanchan’s marriage turned into a nightmare after marrying a narcissistic man
  • How revolution and hope can bring change, even when it’s hard
  • Simple techniques to developing belief in self
  • Finding joy within, spirituality, nature, self-expression
  • How to encourage struggling friends

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