For many writers, the call is deep within them, but they aren’t sure what that process looks like for them or how to get started. This episode focuses on answering that call to write and follow where your passion leads you!

Kathy Sparrow is an award-winning author and leadership and empowerment expert, who has been mentoring aspiring writers of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry for over two decades. Her latest book, The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, is touted as the feminine version of A River Runs Through It.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Kathy pushed past criticism and answered the call to write
  • Kathy’s writing routine and how she gathers ideas and inspiration
  • Kathy’s love for fly fishing and how she integrated that in her latest novel
  • Her journey writing The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout
  • Advice for writers wanting to get started
  • Finding your purpose in your writing and moving forward
  • What Kathy is working on next

Download a free excerpt from The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout here.

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