Kelly Lutman grew up in a military household, moving frequently and living in multiple countries as well as the US. She originally trained in accounting at Bentley College and UT El Paso, earning her CPA, but after starting a family, she chose to stay home to homeschool her sons. It was then that she discovered one of them had ADHD, and she has been fascinated by the power of food ever since resolving his ADHD by simply changing what he ate.

A health coach certified in Applied Functional Medicine, Kelly firmly believes that symptoms are the body’s cries for help, and that the body can heal when provided the building blocks it needs. She meets each client where they are, helps them understand what is happening in their body, and guides them in identifying the changes that will help them experience the vitality they were missing. 

Her new book is called Thriving Through Cancer: A Whole-istic Approach for Your Journey.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Importance of nutrition and natural substances for the body
  • Kelly’s journey in health coaching and functional medicine
  • Empowering cancer patients through nutrition and writing a book
  • Prioritizing self-care and joy for well-being
  • Understanding and supporting individual bodily needs in food practices

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