What If Kids Were Taught the Importance of Character in Pre-School? Danielle Lindner


Educator and children’s book author Danielle Lindner was picking her daughter up one day when she expressed to her that she was bored at pre-school. This sparked a fire in Danielle that she couldn’t put out. She thought about children sitting inside watching television and doing “busy work” and imagined the alternative and more productive things they could be doing. In 2010, in the midst of a recession, Danielle had left the Corporate world that she worked in and she and her husband, Steven Lindner, opened up London Day School. They received plenty of criticism and their family and friends advised them against this idea, but they followed through and had an unbelievable amount of success. So what’s so unique about London Day School? The curriculum focuses on not only the educational side of things, but also on character development. Some examples she shares are conflict resolution among four year-old children and their peers and transitioning from one activity to another with ease. Their dream has become a reality and that reality has become a nationwide franchised success. Find out more on today’s show! ALSO AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!