Lisa McCourt is a joy enthusiast and spiritual teacher who believes that at our core, we are beings of love and joy. Through her studies in comparative religion and various spiritual traditions, she has come to the realization that we are often conditioned to build obstructions that prevent us from recognizing our true joyful nature. This understanding has become the foundation of her work at Joy School, where she helps others identify and gently release these obstructions in order to reconnect with their inherent joy. Lisa believes that joy is not something to be found or created, but is already within us – we simply need to remove the obstacles in our path.

Lisa’s books have sold over nine million copies, earned seven publishing industry awards, and garnered over 9,000 glowing Amazon reviews. She generously opens her comprehensive toolbox for joyful living in her newest release, Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness, which takes readers through a full year of vibration elevation practices guaranteed to sustainably elevate their Joy Setpoint.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The two paths to joy and manifestation
  • The importance of finding joy and inspiration
  • Uncovering and raising the “joy set point”
  • Embracing all emotions and pursuing personal joy
  • Listening to intuition and clearing limiting beliefs

Special for Listeners:

Lisa’s newest book, Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness is available for preorder everywhere books or sold, or right here at Amazon.

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