I had a situation come up last week and it sort of kicked in my core value. It’s about honesty, which is one of my core values.

It’s important to know that, because you have situations in your life that are going to trigger your own core values.  So if you know what you believe in, you know your core values then you can look at things from all different viewpoint and understand what is happening.

I had a client last week and it was time to renew her commitment with me coaching with me.  We have helped her transition through an uncomfortable situation into a safer one.  She has sold her house, and moved into a new one. She has now decided that she will take the extra money and remodel the new house.  This is all fun and exciting and I applaud her for the major decision she made to change her environment to handle her life going forward.

What triggered in me was that instead of saying “I’m not sure I value going ahead and working further with you”, she said “I needed to put that money into my house.  It is a little tight now so we needed to put that money somewhere else”.

It triggered in me that I really wish she would have come right out and said, “Honestly I think I’m ok and I can go forward”.

It was so funny, I understood underneath what she was saying, but I wanted her to be honest with herself. However, you can’t put that on somebody else.

If you’ve not figured out your core values, you need to. They will tell you who you are, and once you realize who you are, you understand much better about why you get triggered on things when they pop up.

Also knowing your core values makes decision making so much easier. So I encourage you do your core value work so you better know who you are.