In this very timely and powerful episode when our country and the world is facing a health crisis, protests, anger, and emotional turmoil my guest Lobsang Chunzom offers insight on how to approach these kinds of emotions and what you can do to work through them and change what’s going to happen next.

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom is a Buddhist nun and worldwide teacher of meditation and philosophy in the Je Tsongkapa Tibetan tradition. She is the founder of Limitless Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with other caring organizations in NYC to help people experience the link between their own health and happiness and how they care for others. The LHI workshops she designs and facilitates are used worldwide. Chunzom has been a licensed Creative Arts Therapist for 30 years, specializing in dance/movement therapy. She has extensive training in ancient meditation techniques, including a 3-year meditation retreat in silence and solitude. Chunzom has degrees in movement therapy from NYU and UCLA and has provided therapeutic services in hospital settings as well as created programs to help substance abusers, incarcerated youth, and families in crisis.

What you will learn from this episode:  

  • How focusing on calming the mind and meditation during this time can provide emotional support.
  • How employers can practice compassionate leadership through meditation.
  • How meditation can boost the immune system and help one maintain their health.
  • How meditation and de-stressing can help us deal with uncertainty and fear.
  • How even 3 to 5 minutes a day of deep breathing or taking pause can improve your mental and physical wellness.

Free Offer:

Limitless Health Institute’s Inner Essentials Meditation Series is a series of powerful meditations that will strengthen everyone’s wellness during this worldwide COVID-19 health crisis. Each meditation gives participants an opportunity to sit back and enjoy meditating, and share with others who can benefit, too. Get the series here.

Feature on the show:

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