Practicing intentionality is difficult in a world of multitasking. In this episode, author Melinda Salisbury shares how she has created more inspiration and joy in her life by being more intentional and practicing her word of the year, presence.

Melinda Salisbury is an author who lives on the southeast coast of the UK, though she grew up in the country. She says, “It was always a dream to live by the sea, and it’s everything I hoped it would be.” She writes full time, a mixture of young adult fantasy novels and almanacs for city-based people. She writes for people who desperately want to forge a connection with nature, but live in cities, or flatshares, and don’t have easy access to outdoor space. The almanacs help people build a realistic and sustainable connection with nature, without traveling out of town or spending loads of money.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Melinda got started as an author
  • Melinda’s transition from country to coast, and her love for travel, including her upcoming trip to Texas.
  • The inspiration behind Melinda’s works of fiction.
  • How Melinda brought nature into her work and almanacs.
  • How her word of the year, presence, has brought more joy into her life
  • Tips to create more joy

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