Do you spend more of your time complaining and beating yourself up or rejoicing and celebrating?

I can honestly say that I used to spend almost 90% of my time beating myself up because I let my doubts and fears stop me from doing what I really wanted to. In fact, I almost felt bad celebrating when I did because there was always something near fear or doubt that would stop me from moving forward that would start to find it’s voice.

Throughout my trainings and work with client, I’ve learned that wee must celebrate the small wins as well as the big wins.

I had the pleasure of facing a big win for me this year.

Remember in an earlier post, I told you about conducting the Star Spangle Banner Anthem for the first concert for the East Texas Symphony Orchestra.

Fifteen years ago, the thought of doing something so daring would have been totally out of the question!!

What would people say?

What if I made a mistake?

Who am I? (I am not really trained enough to conduct the orchestra.)

All of these questions would have stopped me before I even put my name on the sign-up sheet. (You see this was a fundraising item for our orchestra.What better cause could this have been?)

No my doubts and fears would have caused me to have missed one of my most exciting evenings.

To face my doubts and fears, I had to get instruction from our conductor, practice with a recording of the Star Spangle Banner Anthem, pre- practice by myself (roll play on an empty stage the day before the event) with my new baton given to me by the conductor.

All of these baby steps allowed me to have a glorious evening.

Did I celebrate? You bet!! Every single step of the way.

And I celebrated even more at the reception after the concert to thank our guest artist and me.

I smiled from ear to ear as friends commented on my bravery!!

I want you to experience that joy for yourself more and more each day.

Living life without limits is our goal of this series.

It is the gift each of us was given.

Sometimes it requires we address those mind monsters that keep us playing our lives “small”.

Remember, FEAR is really only False Emotions Appearing Real.

So when you face a fear, take the time to celebrate the steps you took.

I don’t care if it was a small step or giant step, each step is a victory!!

I hope to see you at the upcoming Life Without Limits Event!