A 50+ Woman Awakens Her Spark, Finding Joy and Healing for Herself and Others

After 30 years of marriage and having seven children, Lana McAra had a defining moment that soon had her packing her bags and beginning a new life. Where it would take her, she did not know. Nor could she have guessed at that time. In this episode, Lana shares what pushed her to leave her marriage, and how she rebuilt her life, culminating in creating a powerful and permanent process of healing herself and others.

Lana McAra speaks from the heart to 50+ women who are ready to step into the best years of their lives. She employs cutting-edge brain science techniques to dissolve deep traumas and stuck energies gently, easily and permanently in a process she calls the Gentle Flow Technique. Lana is an award-winning, best-selling author and ghostwriter of more than 30 books with nearly a million books sold. A vivacious speaker, she has appeared on hundreds of stages across the globe as well as hosting 237 episodes of “The Prospect Profiler” radio show. She’s the host of the informative and inspirational TV show, “Now It’s My Turn! Where the 50+ woman awakens her spark and en-joys her life.” Her upcoming book, “Now It’s My Turn: The New Unstoppable 50+ Woman” is slated for release in early 2020.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The defining moment that rocked Lana’s world, ultimately pushing her to leave her 30-year marriage
  • Why it took so long for her to choose to leave an unhappy situation
  • What she discovered about herself after leaving her marriage, and how it changed her life dramatically
  • How Lana became a successful ghostwriter
  • What caused her to shut down at the age of six and the impact it had on the next 40+ years
  • How the body hides difficult memories and creates physical pain
  • Her journey to becoming a powerful healer
  • Lana walks us through a gentle healing process
  • The incredible success story of one of Lana’s clients
  • Details about her upcoming weekly TV show

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