Pamela Gail Johnson started her journey towards creating the Society of Happy People 25 years ago when she was working in the self-help field for the Hazelden Foundation. She worked in publishing and at one of the treatment centers, attending conferences and teaching empowerment workshops. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Why were there so few truly happy people?” This led her to start a newsletter, which eventually evolved into the Society of Happy People, an organization dedicated to promoting happiness and creating a community of positivity. Despite the challenges of printing and distributing newsletters in the pre-digital age, Pamela Gail was determined to spread her message and make the world a happier place.

On this episode, Johnson discusses her latest project, the “Happiness Unites Tour,” which brings people together to bond over happy experiences. She also shares the first principle from her book “Practical Happiness: 4 Principles to Improve Your Life,” which is that happiness is personal and everyone needs to find what makes them happy. Johnson also identifies five categories of “happiness zappers” and discusses how to manage them to increase happiness. She also shares her personal experiences with grief and how to navigate changes in life. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What led Pamela to organize a Happiness Unites tour
  • The first principle discussed in her book on practical happiness
  • Happiness “zappers” and how to manage them
  • How Pamela teaches others to break free from negative thought patterns
  • Pamela’s greatest source of joy
  • How support groups like Pamela’s can help people to navigate change in their lives

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