Age & Retire With an Open Mind

Aging and preparing for retirement can be sensitive topics to navigate through with your parents, or even your peers. With the help of my guests, Amanda Lambert & Leslie Eckford, these grim topics became more pleasant by discussing the variety of ways the elderly can be taken care of. In this episode, we take a look at the negativity we associate with the word “old”, and how we should all work to make sure the elderly feel seen and heard.

Leslie Eckford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and RN with a long practice in mental health and geriatric health. She is co-creator and co-author with Amanda Lambert of and three books. Leslie has been a long distance caregiver to her aging parents. As her own children become young adults, Leslie is determined that the “empty nest” is the “empty NEXT.”

Amanda Lambert grew up on the east coast and went to undergraduate school at University of Massachusetts in Boston. She migrated to Salt Lake City, Utah over 25 years ago and received her Masters at University of Utah. She spent several years working as a geriatric care manager and professional guardian and started her own geriatric care management company about 4 years ago. In addition to co-authoring three books with Leslie Eckford, Amanda is a full time freelance writer on topics related to aging, end of life, caregiving, home accessibility and senior living. Amanda’s particular area of interest is how we can age with good mental and physical health. Her parents live in Salt Lake City in independent senior living and her sister is here as well. She enjoys hiking out with her trainer, reading, family time and exploring healthy cooking ideas.

We all have wishes. We have a life that we wish for, and we have a life based in reality. And when we put a lot of effort and thought we can make a life that is closer to our wished for life, but it doesn’t always work. One of the things that Amanda and I are really emphasizing in this book is you have to keep an open mind. Some things are going to fit, and some things aren’t.” Leslie Eckford

You may fantasize about this wonderful living situation, and then you may find that there are parts of it that you just didn’t anticipate, and that’s just part of the process” Amanda Lambert

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • We have more options for assisting the elderly than we used to
  • Why people are gravitating away from the concept of assisted living
  • Our society puts an emphasis on youth and denies aging
  • A lot of aging women are starting to do home sharing with like minded people
  • Making preparations for your later years helps take the burden off of your adult children
  • Women often give up paying jobs to be a caregiver for their families
  • Many people, especially women, say that they often feel invisible as they age

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