Tuesday 13th of June 2017

What Really Happens to Our Loved Ones After Suicide?
Losing somebody close to you can be a very difficult thing to cope with. When somebody we love commits suicide, this typically lengthens that grief process tremendously. We can be left with a multitude of questions that can’t be answered and a complete lack of reasoning. For Dr. Joe Gallenberger, this wasn’t acceptable. Using tools he developed at The Monroe Institute (TMI), he was able to contact his beloved brother, who was a victim of suicide twenty years ago, on the “other side.” He’ll share his story and what he’s learned from this incredible experience. He also uses his ability to channel his energies towards unexpected things, like gambling and inventing, and is able to produce immediate results. Tune in today and learn more about these magnificent processes and how you too can use these to see results in your life. ALSO AVAILABLE ON ITUNES.