What do you want your life to be?  Would you use the word, “MAGIC” when describing it?

You might think Magic is only for kids.  As an adult, there is no magic!!  Well my guest, Lee Milteer, author of Reclaim the Magic, The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want says you can still have and live a life of magic.

We are all made of energy.  She talks about the 5 Energies — Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, and Physical and the importance of learning how to manage these energies so they shape our lives.  And, even offers an opportunity to see her 5 video series addressing each energy.

In her book she dedicates a chapter to each listed magic:  focus, truth, intuition, prayer, meditation, forgiveness and attitude.

Basically, her book is the road map to creating that Magical Life that you deserve.  This is the steps Lee has implemented on her 20+ year journey.  She openly talks about her struggles and transitions.  What helped her move forward into being the successful woman she is today.

It’s always good to hear someone’s story.  Take what you will from her story and use the information to enrich your life.  I know I will.

Remember, what you focus on always expands.  Think positive and you expand positively.  Think negative and you attract negative into your life.

Your point of power in this life is this very minute.  You do not need to know how to reach your destination before you get there.  Just take action!!