How We Can Improve Our Perception of Periods.

Menstruation was not intended to be burdensome or shameful as many would have you believe. In today’s episode, Stasha Washburn shows us how we as a society have come to view periods in such a negative light, and how we can change this perception along with our experiences with menstruation. Learn how simple changes to our lifestyle and diet can lead to major improvements with our menstrual health.  

Stasha Washburn is The Period Coach, the bloody kind not the grammar kind. A dancer, chef, sword fighter, tai chi practicing, speaker, author, skateboarder, INTJ, foul mouthed, football loving, digital nomad. Basically pinning her down is nearly impossible. She’ll go anywhere as long as there’s a tea kettle and WiFi. A Certified Holistic Health Coach, and 20+ years of research have fueled her passion to reconnect women to the power in their period. Stasha is leading the bloody revolution to end the taboo of menstruation world wide. No longer whispers in bathrooms, she’s leading powerful public discussions.

We went through the restructuring of the patriarchal religions, and one thing they did was take the idea of women having periods and turned it into something negative @stashawashburn Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The history behind the stigma surrounding your period
  • Why a healthy period is a sign of your overall well being 
  • How joining a community can alleviate the problems associated with menstruation
  • The progression of women and their relationship with their menstrual cycle
  • Dietary changes for better menstrual health
  • How tackling this one taboo can affect change in every aspect of our culture for the better!

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