The Dangers of Adult Entertainment

With the rise of internet pornography, more people have access to sexually explicit content, and are more susceptible to develop an addiction. In this episode, we will have an informative conversation with Rosie Makinney on the dangers of porn addiction in a relationship, and how you can move forward from this as a couple. We dive into why she also went into recovery for her husband’s addiction, and why some women have a crisis of faith in these relationships.

Rosie is an author, podcaster and founder of Fight For Love Ministries. Her heart is for women in relationships affected by porn addiction, especially those in the lonely and confusing stage between discovery and recovery. She grew up in a small seaside town in Yorkshire, England, and now lives in a small seaside town in California. Her garden is her happy place, and in it she has planted a seed for every woman in her support group. Rosie’s mission is to give women hope that a porn-free marriage is possible, and to educate and empower them with the faith and the facts to help them get there.

“Pornography is not actually the problem, it is the solution to the problem which is an intimacy disorder” Rosie Makinney Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The gender demographic of porn watchers, and how the global sex industry is trying to change women’s views on sex
  • The shame attached to watching porn is nonexistent for some people, and prevents others from seeking help
  • Why men and women are affected differently from viewing adult entertainment
  • Pornography programs women to accept and expect to be degraded 
  • There is no profile or personality type that is more likely to be addicted to internet porn
  • 75% of wives of porn addicts blame themselves for their partners addiction
  • The red flags women need to watch out for to determine if their partner is watching porn

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