MarcellaJoining me this week is Marcella Scherer, sought after speaker, best selling author, and founder of her image consulting business.  As a certified image consultant, she uses her knowledge to empower women to unveil their true and authentic selves and command the attention they deserve.

Marcella talks about her 7 Step Upscale Your Image System with an overview for our discussion.  We highlighted two areas of this 7-Step System:  Step 4. Attack the Closet, working on the clutter and Step 7. Evaluate Quarterly keeps us prepared for our needs.

Managing the clutter in our homes, closets included, is important for allowing new things to come into our lives.  In order to allow new to enter our lives, we have to be able to let go of the old – to clear the emotional and physical clutter in our lives.  When we let go of the old we’re saying to the Universe, “I trust, I believe that there’s something better on its way and I am willing to open up to it by letting go of what no longer serves me.”

It’s a law of physics that nature abhors a vacuum and will move to fill any empty space.  So, let’s create the space for good to come.

Marcella took us through helpful steps to release and move forward.  By going to her website, you will find a Complimentary Guide to start you on the “big clearing”!!