Taking control of your health outcomes 

Several years ago when a doctor proclaimed ‘you have an autoimmune disease’ and went on to describe a long list of dreadful outcomes and said ‘Get real. This is your life now,’ Sharon Sayler refused ownership of the diagnosis while at the same time knowing it was something she needed to overcome. In this episode, Sharon shares how her struggles to find the right answers to her decades-long autoimmune experience lead to her passion to encourage and inspire others to live well, whole and complete.  With that, The Autoimmune Show was born… the premier location for information to empower others to live well, thrive and create a happy, healthy, wealthy life regardless of your diagnosis.

Sharon Sayler is a communications and body language expert affectionately dubbed “the difficult people whisperer.” As an international trainer, best-selling author she is devoted to teaching professionals to be courageous leaders, both verbally and nonverbally. She is listed in the top 5 international experts in body language according to GlobalGurus.org. 

She’s also passionate about inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune conditions. Several years ago she started The Autoimmune Hour show because she was frustrated by own experiences with a rare medical condition and how she experienced the medical community in understanding what it’s like to have a chronic and complicated medical condition. She’s now made it her mission to share a wide variety of quality information she finds and to teach others how to be courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs. 

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to be taken seriously by medical professionals 
  • How to be a ‘thriver’ regardless of a diagnosis
  • Tips for taking control of your health outcomes
  • It’s more than just your physical health – why you need to take care of your emotional and mental/psychological health
  • The importance of having a community
  • How stress can impact your health and tips to finding balance – the 2 things she does every morning that helps her find balance
  • Get Sharon’s free gift – Five Things You Can Do Immediately That Will Help You Feel Better

Sharon Sayler’s Information:

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