Rhonda Parker Taylor was born and raised in a small community in Texas. She came from a family of immigrants and was the first female to attend college in her family. Leaving behind her hometown and everyone she knew, Rhonda packed up her Mazda RX7 and headed to college. This was a huge adventure for her, as she had never lived outside of her community before. Despite the challenge, Rhonda was determined to succeed and make a better life for herself.

Today, Rhonda is best known for her study on emotional intelligence and as the multinational leader presented at the Union Global Compact Committee. She loves writing, consulting, and teaching. However, she has spent her business life encouraging others through career and academic development programs, including being a campus president for National College and founder of Intelligence Solutions. After years of assisting others in pursuing their dreams, Rhonda follows her passion for writing.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Rhonda’s transition from leadership to writer
  • How writing is therapy for Rhonda
  • How to find joy in adversity
  • How to teach kids to avoid envy and victimization
  • The importance of travel to teach empathy and cultural appreciation

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