Becoming Familiar With Your True Goals & Needs

It is fairly common to find yourself following a path that lacks the excitement and passion we all deserve to experience in our life. Today on SecondWind With Joyce, our guest Julie Wood shares how women can determine their desires, needs, and how to fulfill them by listening to their heart. What started as her own journey around the world to discover her own dreams and aspirations has turned into a mission to help other women reach the same level of enlightenment in their own lives.

Julie K. Wood is devoted to helping soulful women get clear on the dream in their hearts and have the confidence to go after it.

For most of her life, she was living her mother’s dream – pursuing success in a man’s world. She graduated from an Ivy League college and rose to be a managing director at a top advertising agency in New York City. She often felt unfulfilled and uninspired, but she was so busy being who she thought she was supposed to be that she had no idea who she really was or what else she wanted to do.

It was only after giving it all up to say yes to her heart – traveling through 69 countries with her now-husband on a 5-year Spirit Journey – that she deeply connected to her own truth, joy and power. She got clear on her own HeartPath: to support other women to connect to their heartfelt truth and have the courage to express it and live it.

She now believes that true success is feeling free to be authentic, embracing your fabulous-ness and expressing honestly from the heart. It’s living your dream. As a coach and teacher, she guides women to walk their own HeartPath – not the path they were raised to walk. She teaches them to embrace their worthiness, own their confidence and love themselves enough to step to their edges, express what’s uncomfortable and embrace a life of freedom and flow.

It sounds so simplistic but the main takeaway is the world is beautiful, the world is safe, and there are amazing people wherever you go.” – Julie K. Wood

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The contrast between how some countries are seen and how the citizens really are
  • Women across the world have similar experiences
  • What it means to drop into your heart, and how we can use this to learn our true needs and desires
  • How Julie Wood uses her passion for helping women to assist them with public speaking
  • A different perspective on how to handle and view fear & resistance 
  • How to tap into a different inner voice, and free yourself from repetitive behavior
  • An overview of the connection between your heart and brain with decision making 

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