It is never too late to unlock your creativity and invite more joy and playfulness into your life. This episode is a great reminder of the importance of connecting with your creative side.

Shannon Grissom is an award-winning artist, television producer/host, author, and songwriter, and she just launched an online creativity school called Painterly. Learn more about her work with sock monkeys at

Shannon didn’t discover painting until she was 33, but once she discovered this hidden passion, she was hooked and driven. By 1999, Shannon was able to leave her day job and began to create art as a full-time business. At 46, Shannon self-published her children’s book Monkey Made of Sockies, along with a line of licensed merchandise, including a coloring book and the popular Monkey Made of Sockies golf club headcovers that have been carried on tour by several LPGA pros.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How the sock monkey got started, and how Shannon’s career in painting didn’t start until her 30s.
  • The common thread in all of Shannon’s creative work
  • The oracle cards Shannon makes and how to use them as daily reminders
  • The affirmations and how Shannon’s affirmation cards are unique
  • The importance of play in daily life
  • How Shannon’s oracle cards have helped people overcome obstacles
  • How the creative process has been helpful for Shannon in releasing her limiting beliefs

Gift for Listeners:

A free sock monkey coloring page! Find it online for download here:

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