Last month, I told you about my trip to Peru and how it enriched my life.

I choose Peru because I put high value on the being in a location that makes me feel happy, free and spiritually connected. I knew from a past trip that Peru was a place in alignment with my core values of Honesty, Freedom, Family, Happiness and Spirituality.

Where are you planning to travel this summer? (Or where have you already been?)  Please share with me by leaving a comment below or on my Joyce Buford Empowers Fan Page

Was where you picked in alignment with your values or did you go because ‘it would make the kids/spouse/fill-in-the-blank happy?

If the trip wasn’t what you had hoped it would be, it might be time to walk through the Core Values exercise to get clear on what is really important to you so you can create more of that on the next trip.

While I’m happy to walk through this exercise with you in a private coaching session or as part of participating in my “Uncover Your Hidden Genius” program, I wanted to create a simple and easy way for all my readers to try out the exercise without having to invest in working with me and so I created a mini training just on discovering your core values.

If you’d like instant access to my 50-minute Core Values Video Training click here