Making the Power of Positive Thinking a Part of Everyday Life

Everyone has an inner critic. It’s only too happy to jump up and destroy happiness or prevent us from pursuing possibilities in its misguided efforts to keep us safe. In this episode, host Joyce Buford offers a detailed look at how inner critics operate and what they’re trying to achieve. She also shares helpful strategies and insights to stop allowing your inner critic to derail your life and your happiness.

Joyce Buford is a life coach, author, speaker, and podcast host who has experienced transition in her own life and shares her secret to facing the fear of change with total confidence. Through her unique program and coaching style, Joyce supports clients during their transition to reclaim their true purpose and strengths. Her program focuses on helping clients who have experienced their own transitions of divorce and loss to thrive without limits.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What the inner critic is and how it develops
  • The inner critic’s purpose
  • How it is possible to turn the inner critic’s negatives into positives
  • How your inner critic adversely affects your life
  • Examples of what an inner critic sounds like
  • When your inner critic is likely to act up
  • How your inner critic causes self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Signs of self-sabotage
  • Tips to stop procrastination
  • Five strategies to remind yourself that you’re worthy
  • “Seven Types of Inner Critics” from authors Bonnie Weiss LCSW and Jay Earley, Ph.D.
  • How to connect with your inner critic to help reduce its adverse impact on your life (a visualization)
  • Information about Joyce’s upcoming webinar: Five Secrets to Get Past Divorce like a Movie Star

Featured on the Show:

Happiness in 5 Steps (free PDF) | “Seven Types of Inner Critics” by Bonnie Weiss and Jay Earley

Joyce Buford’s Information:

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