Lotte Vesterli talks about the hidden face of bullying, sharing powerful information on bullying and how subtle it can be

Lotte Vesterli shares powerful information on bullying and how subtle it can be. She discusses the impact that it can have on our lives, often in symptoms that we would not associate with having been bullied.

Learn some of the signs that can help determine whether bullying has impacted your life, or the life of someone you love, and some of the steps you can take to begin healing the trauma.

Lotte Vesterli is an international coach and trainer. Often, she works with people who suffer from traumatic experiences that are adversely affecting their lives. She has done a lot of work with people who have been bullied, and is the author of “Life After Bullying — Three Steps to Inner Peace.”

Lotte’s life purpose is to help people to unlock their full potential and live life with clarity, focus, and balance.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • The two defining moments that led Lotte to great change and healing. From a lot of anxiety, low self-esteem, no self-confidence and no voice to the life-changing experiences that started her on a path of healing and empowerment.
  • Lotte shares a powerful moment during Jack Canfield’s training program, in which her internal transformation had begun and was visible by others.
  • Why it is important to seek out group learning and how it helps us grow.
  • Some of the more subtle ways that bullying can manifest especially for children, and in supposedly “safe areas” that really aren’t.
  • Lotte shares a personal story that changed the course of her life and is now the foundation of her healing work.
  • How bullying comes in many forms and can shape your life for years.
  • How it is possible to reclaim your life and it doesn’t matter how recent or longstanding the bullying was.
  • How to determine whether or not her book applies to you, and some of the feelings that you might have that will help to identify if bullying has been an issue for you.
  • The three steps to reclaiming your life: Preparing the Ground, Creating Your Roadmap to Success, and Building Your Ideal Life.
  • What it means to take ownership of your feelings about the bullying and why this is essential.
  • How you can transform your life by shifting away from thinking you’re a victim, and how to step into a more powerful self-image.
  • What it means to create a roadmap for success and why this is so important to progressing on a path of healing.
  • What it means to find your uniqueness and why this is necessary in your healing and personal development journey.
  • How Lotte has been affected by doing this work.
  • What can happen when there is bullying in marriages.
  • Where you can get her book.
  • Her websites are Life After Bullying and Lotte Vesterli.

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  1. Life After Bullying Roadmap: a visual that gives a clear overview of the steps to reclaim your life.
  2. The Uniqueness exercise (PDF)
  3. A guided version of the Uniqueness exercise (mp3). The guided version allows for the answers to come from the heart instead of the head.

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