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Making the Most of Your Next Chapter

Aging comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty. What will you make of this next chapter of your life? How will you maintain financial stability? How will you navigate and understand Medicare? Our guest for today’s episode of SecondWind, Kathe Kline, offers a great discussion on Medicare, retirement, aging, and how she helps people during this transition.

“Things are changing for women… we didn’t have the same advantages. When I first became a financial advisor … I would go to company events and there would be three of us out of 100.” Kathe Kline Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What it was like being a woman in a male dominated profession 
  • The way times are changing for women financially and socially.
  • The importance in knowing the difference between Medicare advantage, and Medicare supplement
  • The loneliness that comes with being a podcaster, and having a one sided conversation with your audience
  • People who have a hard time retiring usually had a leadership position in their career
  • The podcast Rock Your Retirement discusses the 6 pillars of retirement: lifestyle, spiritual purpose in life, significant other, family, friendships and health
  • How it feels to lose your independence with aging 

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