Connecting to Yourself & Obtaining Your Dream Life

Though it may be difficult to admit, many of us have trouble managing our finances. This week on SecondWind, we have Bob Wheeler on to talk about how our emotions and money management can be connected, and how money can become a source of contention in a marriage. His background in comedy gives him a unique way of seeing the world and connecting with people in order to give them the life they envisioned for themselves. 

Certified CPA and CORE Energetic practitioner, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and CFO of the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles Bob Wheeler inspires people with his financial acuity, compassion and genuine energy, sharing his simple and effective concept, “The Money Nerve” regarding emotions and money. He teaches people from all walks of life how to create a healthy relationship with money. Bob is a popular speaker, workshop presenter, thought leader, and TV / podcast guest.

His crusade for personal growth and deeper awareness developed from his thirty years of helping clients, while baring his soul onstage as a stand up comedian. Digging down to find clarity and purpose on a personal level motivated Bob to help others to explore their past without judgment and to provide insight for people to recalibrate their mental mindset. Knowing that shame or personal memories about money can affect numbers-based budgets, Bob’s passion to help others gain an understanding about emotional triggers – that often sabotage financial decisions – is transforming lives for thousands of people.

Bringing emotions to the center of personal finance conversations sets Bob apart from other financial experts. His book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money, explores how negative emotions and habits surrounding money impacts people, and then guides people to determine their life values, be proactive, explore unhealthy emotional habits and start making intentional decisions. Integrating an intentional mind-body balance of energy, certified Radical Aliveness and CORE Energetic Practitioner, Bob has conducted numerous Proactive Abundance and Money at its CORE seminars through the USA & Canada.

I think each of us wants to have an impact on the world. I think each of us deep down want to be the best versions of ourselves and we want to make a difference. And I think all of us are starved for community and we want connection…” Bob Wheeler

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How we can tell that we hold our trauma and emotions in our bodies
  • How CORE Energetics & Radical Aliveness has helped Bob express his vulnerability
  • What Bob learned when he separated men and women in his workshops, and asked them to talk about money. 
  • Couples often don’t have an equal say in how money is spent and saved within their household
  • What one of the biggest takeaways from his workshop is
  • What Bob used to do early in his comedic career to help in case he had a bad performance, & what he does with a negative reaction
  • One of the hardest lessons he had to learn about accomplishments

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