Zoilita had a life defining dream when she was on a Vision Quest at 21 years old. The dream reoccurred for the next 27 years, influencing and impacting all areas of her life from the career she chose, to where she lived and who she married.

On this episode you will learn why our dreams and nightmares are important and why they should never be ignored. Zoilita also shares techniques to help us remember and understand our dreams so we can use them to improve our lives. 

Zoilita Grant has been practicing hypnosis for nearly 50 years. She has been a real innovator opening new markets and using hypnosis in unique and powerful ways. During that time she created a line of hypnosis meditations for the public, wrote twenty-four books for hypnosis practitioners, and founded Colorado Coaching where she taught five styles of hypnosis. Zoilita uses her first-hand experience in the power of the mind to illustrate easy-to-remember techniques to create a life with less stress and more meaning. As a Hypnotic Life Coach, Zoilita supports women to overcome challenges with stress, health and weight by using hypnosis to release subconscious blocks, change their mindsets and reprogram their minds so they can achieve their goals. Change Your Mind and Change Your Life.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Dreams are important
  • Techniques for remembering our dreams 
  • How we can understand and interpret our dreams
  • Learning the different types of dreams and what they really mean
  • How we can use our dreams to improve our life
  • Dreams tell us the truth about ourselves and reveal truths we can’t otherwise see
  • Why you should keep a journal or tablet next to your bed
  • The real reason you’re having nightmares and why you shouldn’t ignore them 

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